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Artist Statement

My work includes shapes with hard lines, which seem to shift with movement creating

depth and an enjoyable transportation. I am dyslexic. Communication has always been

a struggle for myself, but because of the work I create, I have strengthened myself

verbally. However, I have never experienced difficulty to express myself when working

with any type of art. I firmly believe all forms of art is a type of language we

subconsciously use to communicate with one another. And I believe color can be used

as a valuable form of communication as well. Although an individual color could stand

alone, there is magic when one color is paired with another. Working side by side. I

enjoy working with color and free forming shapes. Viewers of my work often say they

see flowers, ribbons, or even life from another world. I love all of these responses

because of the connection and overall pliable dialog that follows.The goal is to have one

feel positive, welcomed, and open to any possibility. My name is Lindy Marie

Shewbridge and I receive immeasurable bliss in expressing movement, vibrant colors,

and an organic style with painting.

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